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With financing from the BBC and Ringo Starr, Lorne and Lawrence Blair set off from England to Indonesia in 1972 to create their award winning documentary ‘Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey’. Along their journey, Lorne contracted an eye infection. Taking the advice of locals, they went to see a

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via France24 The grisly discovery was made beneath a Monoprix supermarket on Rue Sebastopol in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, which stands on the site of a medieval hospital torn down in the 18th century. When the store’s management decided to carry out redevelopment work on its basement, it gave

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For a while now, I’ve been following with interest Lucien Greaves’ column for the Orlando Weekly, Letters to a Satanist, where Mr. Greaves, spokesperson for the Satanic Temple, answers the OW’s reader questions in an intelligent and enlightened way. I struck me that our readers might be interested in his

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Across Mexico, and increasingly the U.S, the poor, the down-trodden and the outcasts have been turning to a robed, scythe-bearing skeleton – a personification of death fond of cigars and tequila, able to work miracles, but always for a steep price. Santa Muerte, Saint Death, emerged in the nineteenth century

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Postcards were a way for the common man and woman to collect photo memorabilia of events at a time where cameras were expensive and not readily available. Unlike today, where most postcards are pictures of cityscapes, animals or weird boring fields of tulips, early postcards would be of subjects you

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Over the past century, the film industry has undergone an evolution of massive proportions. Horror films today are masters of realism, the gore and guts visceral and tangible. Special effects are no longer special, they’re expected. It’s strange to think that 105 years ago, so close to the post-mortem photography

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