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It’s that time of year…the weather is growing cold, the days shorter, the first snowflakes are falling in the dark forests, the leaves long gone on the creepy, skeletal trees. Our favorite time of year! Wondering how to honor the people in your life – the ones with the same

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After 4 years, the CVLT Nation Store is closing its doors…but the CVLT Nation Bizarre is now open! Through CVLT Nation we have found so many immensely talented people from around the world who create music, art, clothing, jewellery and anything else you can imagine, all with a dark and

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Alex Streeter once sat on the streets of San Francisco carving jewellery from Redwood bark and selling it to passers by. That was in the 1960s; now he’s one of the best known names in rock ‘n roll jewellery, with shops around the world and a museum in Tucson dedicated

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In the late 1800s, one of the most popular pastimes for British colonists in India was hunting their majestic wildlife, especially the Bengal tiger. The Bengal tiger had long been the prey of the Maharajahs and aristocrats of India, so when the British aristocracy moved in, they saw it as

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If you’ve seen YAITW lately, you may have seen their gorgeous shrine, all blod and bone, at the front of the stage. This was built by Georgia artisan K from Lambs of Rot, whose art conjures darkness, death and decay, and with it the light of Lucifer. Lambs of Rot

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 It might just be me, but I find the current trend of teeny tiny little rings annoying. Maybe it’s just that they would burst under the strain of my fat fingers. Whatever the case, Moon and Serpent Jewelry out of Istanbul, Turkey, makes beautiful, rustic and sturdy handmade rings inspired by

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