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Right now my mind is not right, so I need to look at something to escape my reality. Check out these medical gore pictures I have been looking at today! Things aren’t so bad after all… Be careful around trees from r/MedicalGore Nose to steering wheel in unrestrained MVA +

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The NAZIS were well dressed murders who wanted to do away with the mentally chanelleged, homosexuals, people of color & Jews. They were all about exterminating those that did not fit into what they thought was the “ideal” race. It’s a trip how many corporations, ones that still make millions

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As a commander of any military force, at what point do the people become units? Much the same with corporate executives, cutting deals and making decisions in their ascended, lavish high rise boardrooms that will go on to change the quality of life for myriad nameless workers, to take on

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Ester Segarra creates epic and timeless photographs of some of heavy metal’s most iconic figures, and she has just published a beautiful tome of her photos called Ars Umbra. This book is a must-have for any trve follower of the underground, featuring photos of Watain, Electric Wizard, Rotting Christ, Venom,

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These photos below are beyond grim! Make sure that you view these before you eat your lunch, because you might lose your stomach contents! 1.             View this post on Instagram                       A post shared

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Philly is notorious for having a healthy underground. We’ve met so many talented people who create in this city and we can’t wait for the day that we can take a trip out there to experience it for ourselves! Digging around on youtube, I found this student documentary called My

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