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While many serial killers climb their way to infamy and even achieve reverence by a twisted base, many killers drift away into the annals of history without fanatics sending prison letters or buying their paintings. Some of this has to do with the temporal distance: it is easy to get

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The term “colonial America” tends to conjure specific images, many of them unflattering. Puritans. Witch burnings. The massacre of Native Americans. One term that doesn’t usually spring to mind is “Bacchanalian revelries” – though that was exactly what 17th century travelers found when they visited Merry Mount, a small community

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B.O.R. is a ritualistic post-tattoo practice started by Michele Servadio in 2014. B.O.R. is a contemporary ritual where tattooing turns into sound. B.O.R. is a sonified and amplified tattoo. B.O.R. is a technique of subjective reconfiguration through pain, sound and a permanent mark on the body. B.O.R. is a ritualistic

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Mass hysteria, moral panic, witch hunts…it’s a hell of a thing. Certainly, the multiple documented instances of panic and hysteria have displayed a clear picture of our species’ total aversion towards that which extends beyond the realm of immediate knowledge, or understanding. We all know about the Salem witch trials,

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I should start by saying that I am not very cultured. I’m, in the immortal words of Bobby De Niro in Casino, “another dumb fucking white man.” I’m a blonde haired, blue eyed, barrel chested, six foot two inch, sports-watching, burger-eating, Bud-drinking patriot (who just happens to be a blue

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“Who can fathom what has been stored up in only one brain?” wrote the artist Eugene Von Bruenchenhein. His question could have referred to the enormous collection of photographs, paintings, ceramic vessels, and sculptures of cement and bone that filled his small home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As his varied body

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