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VXercise is a recent skate video out of Utah, USA. It captures the essence of friendship and skateboarding with one of the best cameras ever constructed, Sony VX1000. With amazing skating, filming and editing, you can clearly see this video contributes to the definition of passion. The video is now

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The Rubble Kings documentary is an unreal look at 1970’s NYC street gangs. Check out this film and go back to a time when youth culture was pure rebellion!

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Bi-polar disorder looked like everyone else I had known with it and not me, Then I was diagnosed with bi-polar 2. I began taking medication for depression for ten years previous , but it is common for manic symptoms to go undiagnosed for over a decade . In today’s world

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Thirty years before madness consumed the sleepy New England village of Salem, Satan’s hold had already crept into the New World. Colonial America was barely a century in age when demons from the old world crawled into the colonies. From 1647 to 1663, panic, fear, and accusations flew through the

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I am sure the haters will hate, but this post is full of pictures that will leave a bad taste in your mouth. These pictures are so wrong that they are right…well, maybe not right, but at least funny!

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