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I’ve managed to get to a few places on the planet, and my least favorite, BY FAR, is the Las Vegas Strip. It felt like a celebration of everything I despise about humanity – excess, unregulated capitalism, exploitation, classism, racism, ignorance and pollution. I wondered about the people who could

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It’s been well documented that the Catholic Church is rife with male sexual predators! The other night I watched this Nuns Sexually Abused These Women For Years documentary and realized Nuns are just as bad! It’s funny how the media paints people that people that wear all black with tattoos

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On a Wednesday afternoon in November 1970, social workers at the Los Angeles County Welfare Offices sat at their desks processing mountains of paperwork, answering phones, making small talk over coffee. Suddenly the office door flung open, disturbing the humdrum ambience of office noises and leading to an uncomfortable silence.

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The NAZIS were well dressed murders who wanted to do away with the mentally chanelleged, homosexuals, people of color & Jews. They were all about exterminating those that did not fit into what they thought was the “ideal” race. It’s a trip how many corporations, ones that still make millions

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Written by Sitnikov Ilya Having recently watched trailer for a new HBO Netflix, I couldn’t help but notice how hard its creators try to turn Bundy into a slick Casanova type (a villain still, but a sexy one). It was particularly puzzling to me, given that everything I read on

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Bi-polar disorder looked like everyone else I had known with it and not me, Then I was diagnosed with bi-polar 2. I began taking medication for depression for ten years previous , but it is common for manic symptoms to go undiagnosed for over a decade . In today’s world

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