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It’s fucking on – S​.​H​.​I​.​T. is this bomb and this band can not be fucked with! Everything that this band releases really gets me going! What’s rad is that they actually release their live sets for free. So today is the day for you to download them! Check out these killer

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It is impossible to give Disintegration a proper introduction without resorting to all manner of hyperbole. There’s the informational bits, that The Cure’s eighth album just kissed its twenties goodbye, much in the same way The Cure’s singer, lead guitarist and figurehead Robert Smith did when writing the album in

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Brittle and Bitter and Romantic and Scary—Nusquama’s “Horizon Ontheemt” Like all good Black Metal, this thing is cold. I don’t mean blasts of arctic winter cold, but more the kind that comes from opening the door to a haunted basement in a gothic castle. There’s chilly, and then there’s the

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Endure the abject horror of this exclusive track “-” from Crawl’s upcoming EP entitled ‘Necrotic Fear’. Available on Compact Disc as part of a limited Boxset and on Cassette directly from Crawl’s webstore. A B S O L U T E  M I S E R Y ! The terrifyingly

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Life is not always easy, but music can always uplift me! Today we want to share almost 2 hours of some our favorite Post Punk // Death-rock jams that make life worth living. It’s time for you to press play and allow CVLT Nation’s Unreal Post Punk // Death-rock Playlist

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Are you ready for some rad hardcore? If you are, FIXATION has exactly what you need in the form of their new EP Into The Pain that comes out on May 10th via WAR Records. This band does not write songs, they write soaring, raging anthems!!! FIXATION has a really good

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