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Unholy triple six awesome – Infernal Conjuration is fucking awesome!!! Their brand of raging Death Metal is highly addictive and vicious. Their soon to be album Infernale Metallum Mortis comes out on June 7th via Iron Bonehead Productions. Infernal Conjuration’s new record will get mad people hyped for this band, and

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The rage I have inside towards corruption is REAL! The hate I have towards SEXISM & RACISM is REAL! I think back to the 80’s and say to myself we are not better as humans or planet! Yet not too many people are voicing their disgust. Bands like AGENDA need

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This Friday April 26, 2019, Sentient Ruin and Babylon Doom Cult Records will release another mindfuck chapter in the insane saga of multinational experimental black metal deviants 夢遊病者 (AKA “Sleepwalker”). Titled “Ѫ” (“Yus” – for the meaning, go here) the brand new EP comes packed with the band’s signature whirlwind of

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What do I love about Funeral Doom? I love the beauty and empathy that I feel in the riffs. I love the sorrow that washes over my reality as I listen to this powerful genre. I love the vast space that engulfs my imagination as I encounter a majestic, melancholic

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From the founder of DDENT, Louis Lambert, NNRA is a project that blends industrial, black metal, post metal and shoegaze into captivating, expansive soundscapes. Words won’t do this music justice; it’s huge and all-encompassing, but also delicate and fragile. Today we’re excited to be streaming NNRA’s new release Incarne in

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After 8 years of CVLT Nation, there are very few bands that captivate me immediately, especially when it comes to the stoner side of doom. Clouds Taste Satanic is among the few whose riffs give me goosebumps. They’re set to release their 5th album on Walpurgis Eve, April 30th, a

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