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I reach out, and find damp stone walls inches from my fingertips; I look up, and see only a tiny, cold light filtering down from far above me; all is dark, wet, shifting beneath me, showing my escape route to be either above or below me, but whatever direction I

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Text and photos: Bobby Cochran There are so few bands that, after a 15+ year hiatus, can still tap into all that made them groundbreaking and distinctive in their heyday.  Refused is one of those bands, and it was a treat to see them rise again in all their glory.

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TEMPLE OF DAGON don’t create the kind of music that is going to become popular with the country club, polo-playing kind of humans. On the other hand, this band creates sounds that will have the have-nots rise up and burn down the country club, then impale the polo players on their own

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“Mizmor (מִזְמוֹר): a psalm, a melody.”   For the first time on Forever Cursed, I’m introducing an interview with one of my current favorite bands from across the Ocean. I’m talking about Mizmor, and the man behind the project, A.L.N., who’s also behind other well-known projects such as heavyweight doomsters

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Thank Satan Nuclear War Now Productions is releasing this piece of underground cvlt music mastery! What we have for you gargoyles and ghouls is Katechon’s latest album, Coronation, the follow-up to their debut sermon, Man, God, Giant. On Coronation, the band don’t do a whole lot of experimentation. This is

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Today is a huge day for us here at CVLT Nation! Today we get to announce our first ever physical release on the CVLT Nation label, in conjunction with one of our favorite tape labels, Grimoire Cassette Cvlture. Our new label Grim CVLT‘s first tape is a stunning, massive, corrosive audio

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