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There’s so much good music coming at me that sometimes I feel like my head is about to spin off of my neck! Phantom Winter is a new band from Germany that should be getting attention, because their soon to be released record CVLT is the shit! So why do

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Day One and Day Two down, now we’re on to Day Three of this year’s Roadburn Festival! We’ve got amazing photos via Gemma Shaw aka Gloomy Lights Photography of Sunworship, Tombs, King Dude, Fields of the Nephilim and Fistula to share with you below…stay tuned for Day Four! All photos:

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What’s full of resin and riffs that are smokable? The new CONNOISSEUR THC-infused jam called “New Amsterdam” from the redux version of their album Stoner Justice. These West Coast lovers of the green bud create stoner anthems for humans that want their sludge full of the stank dank! In honor

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We have one more pair of tickets to give away for next weekend’s Desertfest in London…2 tickets to the Metal Hammer and Old Empire stage on Sunday, April 26th, featuring Angel Witch, Cancer, Quartz, SSS, Amulet, Satanic Dystopia, Decrepid, Eye of Solitude, Wytch Hazel, Saille, Dungeon and Consecration! To win,

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There’s no doubt that we listen to a shitload of music at CVLT Nation. Most of it is what we feature on the site, but our taste run much broader than just what you see under our Music category. If it has bass to rattle our speakers and a heavy

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Day One down, now we’re on to Day Two of this year’s Roadburn Festival! Roadburn is arguably the foremost metal festival in the world, and day two’s lineup didn’t disappoint! We’ve got amazing photos via Gemma Shaw aka Gloomy Lights Photography of Profetus, Svartidaudi and Wardrunaa to share with you

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