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There’s no doubt that we listen to a shitload of music at CVLT Nation. Most of it is what we feature on the site, but our taste run much broader than just what you see under our Music category. If it has bass to rattle our speakers and a heavy

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Day One down, now we’re on to Day Two of this year’s Roadburn Festival! Roadburn is arguably the foremost metal festival in the world, and day two’s lineup didn’t disappoint! We’ve got amazing photos via Gemma Shaw aka Gloomy Lights Photography of Profetus, Svartidaudi and Wardrunaa to share with you

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Börn are from Reykjavik, Iceland, and they’ve just released a new 4-song EP on the eve of their first US tour (Tour dates and a stream of their new self-titled EP are below). The band channels the dark and desperate spirit of past fellow Scandinavian postpunkers in Kitchen and the

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ACT OF IMPALEMENT is a young band from HASHVILLE (aka Nashville) that never stops coming with riffs that KILL ON CONTACT. I don’t understand why this band is not signed yet, because they are that damn good. I’m a huge fan of everything they have released. Today, ACT OF IMPALEMENT

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Some of the most fascinating human behaviours are our dealings with death. Cultures around the world have different ways of processing human death, whether it be to celebrate it or to hide it, to immortalize our bodies or to give them to the creatures of the sky. Our favorite San

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One of the raddest doom albums that is going to be released this year is DOPETHRONE’s Hochelaga. Actually, today is the day that it’s coming out on Totem Cat Records, and CVLT Nation has been given the green light to stream Hochelaga in full below! DOPETHRONE will be getting Europe

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