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THE WELL has a massive dose of heavy for you in their new release, SAMSARA, coming out Sept. 23rd via Riding Easy Records. First they hit you with an injection of knock out riffs and laugh as you fall down the psychedelic abyss. Check out our stream of “The Eternal

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This is just so fucking stellar: Emptiness performing “Behind the Curtain” in Brussels. You should already know that we are HUGE fans of this band’s latest record Nothing but the Whole, out now on Dark Descent Records. Check out our full review HERE, and in the meantime peep this epic

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On September 4th-7th, Copenhagen, Denmark will be the venue for the all-out crushing Kill Town Deathfest 2014. It is the final instance of Kill Town Deathfest, and will likely be by far the most memorable, as 28 international acts renowned in the underground will lay waste to the town of

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Are you ready to watch the clergy have their skin flayed from their skulls? NUM SKULL is sharpening its knives, and this audio violence takes the form of their new release Ritually Abused, coming out via Relapse Records on September 16th. Check out our stream of “Murder By The Minister”

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Southern Lord is getting ready to release the self-titled sophomore LP from Sweden’s GUST, and we can’t wait to hear this killer album! For now, we have an exclusive track stream off of Gust, a raging track called “Reality Chokes.” Check it out below and pre-order Gust here…also stay tuned

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Label: DRY COUGH Records What is there really left to say when you’re confronted with an EP cover depicting a hideous montage of misery complete with a fire-breathing penis? If the artwork is anything to go by, Open Tomb‘s utter rejection of all things subtle and tasteful actually bodes well

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