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This year Gilead Media Festival reconvened, demonstrating a continued unstoppable dedication to the underground musical arts. The unique threads of sound Gilead Media has continued to support means whenever this gathering is held, it should not be missed. Two years following the original supposed one-off assembly, another festival has come

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Hailing from South Yorkshire, UK, TRUDGER have earned themselves a crushing reputation thus far with their EP Motionless In Dirt and live rituals alongside Oathbreaker, Bongripper and Conan, and now they are ready to unleash their full fury on the world! Trudger’s debut full length, Dormiveglia, is a decimating journey

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Today CVLT Nation is ultra stoked to bring you a full stream from one of our favorite Vancouver bands, BURNING GHATS! Their EP Continuous Winter will be available digitally and on cassette at their EP release show with Primitive Man on July 30th. These guys know how to decimate their

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I could tell you that Pennsylvania’s hardcore/powerviolence outfit Black Mask’s newest release, Lost Below is a good album. I would be lying. Because Lost Below isn’t a good album. It’s a fantastic one. From start to finish, Black Mask bring forth one of the grittiest hardcore albums out this year.

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You are about to hear a split that will make you want to spit in the face of all authority and gauge out the eyes of corrupt politicians! WOES, from Bradford, England, have joined forces with Seattle’s WÖLVEFROST for a split that is the most ferocious collections of songs I

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CVLT Nation Presents…Destroy All Vol 2! This DIY hardcore & Raw Punk mix will have you jumping off the walls and smashing the system! Curated by John Villegas of DRUG LUST, you know this mix is all killer no filler… Sun baked leather jackets worn like a second skin, separated

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