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Photographer: Nona Limmen Site: Based in: Amsterdam ONE “Anaïs” I remember this day so well. It was a cold and extremely foggy January morning when me and my friend “Anaïs” decided to take advantage of this serene yet sinister weather. At that time, I was reading some books mainly

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Photographer: Mattias Westfalk Site: Based in: Tokyo ONE I’ve been shooting the underground heavy metal scene in Tokyo for many many years. I started before the digital revolution with a 35 mm camera, then hooked on to the digital bandwagon and used this medium professionally up until very recently.

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Photographer: Angela Owens Based In: Boston, MA Website: ONE Fucking Invincible at Machines with Magnets. Fucking Invincible are good friends of mine who also happen to be one of my favorite current bands. For a few months F.I. had to play with one of Lex’s arms duct taped to his body

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Photographer: Lee Lidbury Site: Based In: Toronto ONE This photograph is of a very unassuming part of a nature trail I would frequently pass through on my mountain bike. I think it comes across a lot more sinister then it really is.

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