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A few weeks ago, I was preparing my sets for our show Dark Waves Radio, and somewhere in the deep caverns of my Youtube/Bandcamp searches I stumbled upon ORATIONS. This Buffalo, NY post punk band makes music that perfectly blends melancholy with a sweet levity that I was instantly

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I don’t know about you but I’ve been loving some dancey industrial shit lately. So I am stoked about David Castillo (of Saint Vitus Bar/Primitive Weapons/White Widows Pact) unleashing this new project on the world called CONFINES. Today I’m excited to share a track called “Easy Veins” off of the

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Is your hungry soul in need of some sonic nourishment? If the answer is yes, then we have just the band for you and they go by the name of SIGILS from New York. This band will hit you on so many levels. Their new album You Built The Altar,

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Trespasser hails from the Ukraine, and their first release title is written in Ukrainian and I can’t even with those letters on my English keyboard, but I’ve read that it roughly translates to “Why Didn’t It Work?” I can’t answer that question in regards to history, but I can tell

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Negative Approach – Total Recall (7″ Tracks especially) As any punk rock dork knows, drooling over SST or Touch & Go Catalogs way back was a rite of passage. My Laughing Heyenas LP came with one that had words to the effect of : “Brannons roar of the lion kings

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One of the greatest sources of inspiration when following a band through their inception on to bigger things is when you see a group venture into uncharted waters. Experimentation is how we got to where we are as a musical world. Just think if we got stuck covering Beatles songs

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