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If you like your Death Metal bloody and ravenous, you to hear the new release from Horrisonous. Memento Mori will be releasing their debut CD A Culinary Cacophony on Jan. 21st, and today we’re excited to be sharing the track “Flesh Presented for Orgasmic Torment.” Keep an eye out for A Culinary Cacophony right here, and right

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Unholy Beastial Flames the new album from Perverticon is beyond fucking awesome – the song writing is next level!! Iron Bonehead Productions will be putting their new record Wounds of Divinity on Jan 25th, and today we’re hyped to be sharing their song “An Abscence Of All But Ashes” below.

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ONE: ACTORS – It Will Come to You ACTORS have managed to combine this corner of post-punk with some of the most intense darkwave you’ll hear this year. The album has been described as perfected darkwave with light undertones. – Read the full review here It Will Come To You

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What do you know about BLEACH BIRTH? Let me tell you that this band rules and they are able to worship Rudimentary Peni Death Church-era like no other! Don’t get it twisted – they are far from any sort of cover band; actually, I feel like they are one of the

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Are you fucking ready to have your brain dragged through the sewer of Doom & Disgust for over 20 minutes? Hipoxia has created a record that will have fans of heavy fiending in despair. Darkwoods will be unleashing their new LP The Way of the Hermit on Dec. 11th, and

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Today CVLT Nation is proud to bring you the full stream of “Separazione”, the brand new full length offering by Italian black metal/crust-core unit OTHISMOS. Self-released by the band on December 7th, 2018, “Separazione” is a blistering and nerve-wrecking assault on the senses that unifies everything we’ve ever loved – past and present

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