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Have you ever wondered what it feels like when all of existence is sucked into a black hole? Or when nature decides that the human plague has wreaked enough havoc, and it’s time for our species to go extinct? Today we’re stoked to bring you an exclusive stream of Hope

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What do we have here? The split between FUNERARY & OOZE, which I have a feeling will make our Top 6 Splits of 2015 list. Both bands would like nothing better than to slam your skull with their massive RIFFS. This FUNERARY and OOZE split will be getting the vinyl

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Screams from the Gutter Vol. VIII brings you four punk bands that have just gone fucking beyond. Be it the sheer bitterness with which they approach their craft, the anger and darkness, or just the crazy intensity and rage they purvey. Support these four bands – they are each different but masters at what they

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Hot on the heels of last year’s fantastic debut album, Shroud of the Heretic is back with their second installment of crushing, low-end bruising, occult Death Metal and the formula for success has been tweaked to near perfection. While the vibrant pulsations of dark energy remain present along with low,

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Seattle’s BLACK QUEEN are back with two stellar new covers: Christian Death’s “Deathwish” and Goblin’s “Sleepless”…The band are gearing up to release their new album in the very near future, so stay tuned. Right now, BLACK QUEEN are keeping me happy with these two songs – check them out for

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O Fucking K – HOLDER’S SCAR is the SHIT!!! If you don’t believe me, peep their new EP that we are streaming below. How long did it take me to realize that this would be the kind of hardcore I would LOVE ? It took 3 seconds;  how long will it take

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