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TEMPLE OF DAGON don’t create the kind of music that is going to become popular with the country club, polo-playing kind of humans. On the other hand, this band creates sounds that will have the have-nots rise up and burn down the country club, then impale the polo players on their own

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Thank Satan Nuclear War Now Productions is releasing this piece of underground cvlt music mastery! What we have for you gargoyles and ghouls is Katechon’s latest album, Coronation, the follow-up to their debut sermon, Man, God, Giant. On Coronation, the band don’t do a whole lot of experimentation. This is

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Today is a huge day for us here at CVLT Nation! Today we get to announce our first ever physical release on the CVLT Nation label, in conjunction with one of our favorite tape labels, Grimoire Cassette Cvlture. Our new label Grim CVLT‘s first tape is a stunning, massive, corrosive audio

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Two words that could be used to describe the new QUAL LP out now on Avant!? Dark Elegance. Each track is a dirge-filled alleyway that will only lead to a cold crossroads of isolation and despair. Under an electronic shroud, pain exists in rivers of the forgotten, and the sun that shines on the ethereal

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Music has the power to become what we are thinking, or at other times, it becomes a portal that leads us to where we need to be. The Post-Doom group OHHMS‘ songs are sonic vehicles that allows each listener to take their own journey with each listen. Their tunes are drenched

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BARGHEST is cooking up some new sonic hatred stew for us all to get hyped on, and one of their new songs we have to stream for you is “Application of Malthusian Principle,” So here is the drill: press play below and then hear why BARGHEST is one my favorite Black

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