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Dress Code deserves much respect, because instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, they have chosen to utilize the current wheel to roll over and destroy everything in their path.

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Relapse Records is getting ready to reissue Rwake’s first demo, XENOGLOSSALGIA: The Last Stage of Awareness, originally released in 1998. This release is fully remastered by Brad Boatright and includes 3D cover art and 3D glasses, which I can only imagine makes the trip through their punishing sound more terrifying!

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These were my favorite recordings that were released in 2014. Listed in reverse alphabetical order covering a variety of different artists creating Death Metal, Hardcore Punk, Trip Hop, Underground Rap & Indie Rock. Wreck and Reference – “Want”, (((Experimental Duo from Davis/Los Angeles))) Witchrist – “Vritra”, (((Primitive Death Metal Ooze

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Excuse me as I dig graves for all of our freshly decapitated haters! I need some pummeling riffs to saw off their limbs so that all of the corpses will fit into this mass grave of disdain. The new OUTER HEAVEN album Diabolus Vobiscum is the perfect soundtrack for hater mutilation!

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Why is everything around me moving so slowly? Why do I feel like THC has me suspended in mid air? Why do I feel like the doom I’m listening to is different than most I’ve heard? The answer to all of these questions is that I’m listening to unreleased tracks from the druids of the drone riff, CHAINS.

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I’m feeling extra HYPED right now because for the past half hour I have had the new the title track from the upcoming ABACUS album, En Theory. This South Carolina band know how to manifest those kind of riffs that feel like red ants are eating away at your flesh.

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