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Excuse me as I dig graves for all of our freshly decapitated haters! I need some pummeling riffs to saw off their limbs so that all of the corpses will fit into this mass grave of disdain. The new OUTER HEAVEN album Diabolus Vobiscum is the perfect soundtrack for hater mutilation!

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Why is everything around me moving so slowly? Why do I feel like THC has me suspended in mid air? Why do I feel like the doom I’m listening to is different than most I’ve heard? The answer to all of these questions is that I’m listening to unreleased tracks from the druids of the drone riff, CHAINS.

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I’m feeling extra HYPED right now because for the past half hour I have had the new the title track from the upcoming ABACUS album, En Theory. This South Carolina band know how to manifest those kind of riffs that feel like red ants are eating away at your flesh.

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Hold out your hand, I have your ticket to HELL in the form of the new SLOWLY WE ROT album entitled Poverty of Existence! This is music that spits in the face of Christ while burning down his cross at the same time.

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Hardcore punk maniac? DIY fan? Trendkiller? If you say all of the above, you’ll love Whip Hand! No clean singing. No tech-riffage. No fear. Whip hand rock and jam like they don’t care what you think.

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London, like Vancouver, is a city of grey skies…sometimes it can feel as if the landscape is frozen in time for months on end – seasons come and go, but the clouds remain. So I feel a special kinship with the melancholy that VOICES bring with their newest full length, London.

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