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Shit about to get real fucking ugly!!! On Feb. 17th, our comrades in primal doom PRIMITIVE MAN are unleashing their new 30 minute EP entitled Home Is Where The Hatred Is onto the world via Relapse Records. They have decided to punch us in the grill with their putrid-thrill brand of caustic sludge by streaming one of their new tracks, “Loathe” below.

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Both dealers in misery and purveyors of the downtrodden, the two bands’ consummate pairing makes this release all the more impressive. Whereas Keeper are the sound of a tortured, agonised soul, Sea Bastard are the vehement pain-dealers, gloating in the presence of their comrades’ manacled, broken bodies and basking in their collective anguish – the tormented and the tormentor.

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There is more exciting news coming from the Scott Kelly camp – Kelly, Noah Landis (Neurosis) and Munly J. Munly (Slim Cessna’s Auto Club) are now The Road Home (formerly Scott Kelly and The Road Home), and are setting off on tour in a couple of days to bring their brand of dark folk to the streets!

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If you are tired of “cold wave” albums that sound like they were recorded on a four track in the bathroom, and open to some genre-defying, drug-crazed nonsense that is fun as all hell, do not waste another second of your life by not hearing Cairo Pythian. You automatically find yourself knowing that you will like the following song, even before you get there.

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The sun rays of forever are telling my skin the story of my tomorrows…As the fragile liquid riffs of the new The MYRRORS song “Juanito Laguna” swim across my mental soundwaves. This band creates the kind of slow, tripped-out psych that I dig so much!

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Heavy means different things to different people! For me, it can heal and destroy all at the same time, a quality that I find beautiful. I also believe that there are many different ways that this kind of music can be created, which means there are so many different roads

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