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 Right here and now, you are about to hear a track from one of the most moving records I have heard all year! It was created by Chico, California’s COLD BLUE MOUNTAIN and it’s called “Retreat” from their soon to released album Old Blood. All nine minutes of this tune

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CVLT Nation is proud to present the fifth covers compilation in our series The CVLT Nation Sessions: BLACK SABBATH’s Paranoid. This killer comp features an amazing array of Sabbath worship from IRN, Highgate, Bog Oak, Act of Impalement, Aseethe, Keeper, Monolord and Mourning Cloak. Crushing riffs and earth-moving melodies are

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What can you find in sound? Is there power in sound? Is there magic in sound? Can sound be a portal to another space and time? YES is the answer to all of these questions! While listening to the new MENACE RUINE album Venus Armata, the above questions came into

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Hold on, excuse me as I wipe the blood out of my eyes! I have just had my head against a wall of sonic death rage for 17 minutes. It’s my fault because I have been blasting the new feral audio attack that is in the form of the new

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 Feeling like the world is looking too suspiciously friendly today, like a group of Jehovah’s on your doorstep, trying to lure you into heaven via a pamphlet? Then hit play below on our full stream of HOD’s Book of the Worm, a sickening onslaught of black death that will have old

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CVLT Nation is stoked to bring you a taste of DIE CHOKING today in the form of their track “Tonsil” off their upcoming 7″ II via The Compound Records. Both this track and the 7″ are a statement by the band regarding end of life medical treatment. Each 7″ comes

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