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Have you heard of the stellar Post Punk band SECRET SHAME? If not, today you will, because we are premiering their new song “Dark” from their forthcoming record Dark Synthetics that comes out on Sept. 6th via Portrayal of Guilt Records (pre-orders will be happening via bandcamp). I can’t get

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Mylingar‘s music is just what I need right now, as death is on my mind! They create the kind of music that I want to listen to as I dismantle all of my fears, because I know I am strong and that in death I will serve the corrupt even

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The rise of Scandinavian black metal in the ‘90s had a ripple effect in the extreme metal scenes across the globe. Each regional scene adopted many of the characteristics of the second black metal wave, from the raw production, the DIY ethic, the communal spirit, but of course with its

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Last week, we premiered CHIEF GHOUL’s video for “Take My Hand” off his self-released forthcoming album 1892, and I promised that we’d be bringing you a full stream of the album soon. Well, that day has arrived, and today I’m really happy to share 1892 with you in full! I

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Ugly is ugly, Heavy is heavy and the new MOLOCH // GROAK split is the fucking shit!!! Over the course of 12 minutes both bands will drag your ear drums over their grueling brand of Hate Filled Sludge! Straight without apology I am a fan of MOLOCH // GROAK which

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The terror is real! It’s time now to listen to the new FUTURE TERROR song “Inhuman Condition” and it is a straight fucking caustic anthem! This band’s music inspires me to stand against all of the despotic, corrupt shit that is happening around the world – and in my homeland

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