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Unholy sick fuck – the soon to be released record from SANGUE entitled Culś rocks hard without a doubt. From the moment you push play, their insanely heavy riffs begin to crush your skull. Do not even not get me started on their vocals that seem to rain down on the

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This is rad – KORINE has a new remix project called The New Arrangements – Remixes. This release is full of killer tracks, one of them being a remix of  “Burning Up” remixed by LUNACY which we are streaming below! You can get your vinyl order on HERE! LUNACY’s Tour Dates: 3/23 –

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On the real there is so much good music coming out sometime it’s hard to keep up! Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite new releases  spanning many different genres from blistering hardcore, death metal infused war metal, metallic d-beat and the way to suffering death

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Do some head rolls before you hit play on this new L’ACÉPHALE video for their tune “Runenberg,” because your neck is about to get a workout! This black metal horde is channeling the chaotic sounds of Hades itself in this blistering track off their upcoming April 19th release on Eisenwald

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On March 8, 2019 Sentient Ruin and Dawnbreed Records will be releasing the debut LP by Oakland’s experimental death-doom monstrosity LEATHER GLOVE, and today we’re stoked and honored to stream the beast exclusively in full below. Tapes, digital, and vinyl for North America can be acquired from Sentient Ruin HERE

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DOWNLOAD is Skinny Puppy’s Cevin Key, along with band member Phil Western, who recently passed away. They have been a group for 25 years, and their new album Unknown Room is a 9 track journey that has a non-stop ethereal groove. We are so stoked that their label Artoffact Records

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