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THIRTY NIGHTS OF VIOLENCE lives up to their name, and this 4 track EP of punishing metallic hardcore comes at you like you’re taking a beating 30 nights in a row! Unbeaten Records will be unleashing their To Die In Your Portrait EP this Friday, and today we’re excited to

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Is there a Deathrock // Black Metal crew that can fuck with DEVIL MASTER? They are the only group that can combine the chaotic cold angst of one with the morbid sonic tempest of the other! The band have recently signed to Relapse Records, who have compiled all of the band’s

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If you love dirty, rebellious, dark occult rock then you’re going to fiend for the new release from ALASTOR. RidingEasy Records will be unleashing their LP Slave to the Grave on October 31st, and today we’re stoked to be sharing the full album with you. Pre-order Slave to the Grave right here, and right

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How important is the new Megaton Leviathan LP Mage to the world? I feel like it’s one of the most important records to come out this year! The reason why I feel so strongly about this sonic offering is because every moment of this record is healing and powerful. This collection of songs

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Unholy triple beastial fuck – the new MALLEUS record Night Raids rocks harder than cement!!! I fucking love this band because their brand of Black Metal is a head banging party for all of my brain cells! Over the course of 17 minutes, they prove without a doubt that they

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Are fucking ready? On Oct.26th the raging soundtrack to this thing called life is coming out on Shadow Kingdom Records and the name of the band is Vanik. They create the perfect kind of Thrash that made my punk ears get into metal in the first place! Every freaking song

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