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ATTENTION LOS ANGELES: we have a pair of tickets to see ROTTING OUT this Saturday with your name on them! IHEARTCOMIX is putting on an all-ages show at The Echo featuring Rotting Out, Expire, Suburban Scum, Bent Life and Mizery, and all you have to do to win two tickets

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My brain is being pulled in a 1,000 demonic directions by the power of the new IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT! Their album is entitled Abyssal Gods and was released on Feb. 27th via code666. This band’s music is an abstract portal into an ugly sonic reality, where Sun Ra is a black

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If 2015 sees the comeback of the new Industrial scene, then bring it. The Soft Moon at one time might have had more in common with the Faint than Skinny Puppy, but Deeper turns those tables. The first single “Deeper” is pretty damn dark – it might remind you of

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Scott Kelly is about to hit the road in Europe as his solo project MIRRORS FOR PSYCHIC WARFARE, alongside Sanford Parker aka TWO FROM THE EYE, and we highly recommend that our European readers find themselves at one of their shows! Scott Kelly knows how to create an atmosphere and

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All Photos (except Drug Lust) & Text By Em DeMarco Feb. 22, 2015 Drug Lust is coming to eat your souls. A ski-masked hardcore band with vocals that will claw at your ears and eyes and teeth and every bit of exposed skin. Last Friday, they kicked off their tour

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The Colorado doom/sludge duo In The Company of Serpents has just been confirmed to the SWTF IV lineup, so start building your venom tolerance up because they are getting ready to crush the life from you with their harrowing riffs and pummeling beats! Listen to the excellent ITCOS 2014 release,

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