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Cult of Sorrow have a new full-length in the works – Invocation of the Lucifer is a Sabbathian marvel that will have your neck cracking! This Cincinnati band makes music that hooks you with the first riff and pulls you into a whirlpool of scorching melody and psychedelic thunder. Black Doomba Records is

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Unholy awesomeness Sound and Fury 2019 just took place from what I can see it was a total success! One of the most intense sets from the fest had to be HAVE HEART. Right here and now you can see it for yourself! Respect due to everyone who worked over

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Who is Ian Reid? He is not only a killer photographer, but he also is an OG 90’s skater! He created my favorite skate video ever called “Sex, Hood, Skate & Videotape” (I wish I didn’t lose my copy!). What I love about his creative spirit is that he doesn’t

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Calling all HEAVY METAL maniacs! Switzerland’s MATTERHORN is re-releasing their record CRASS CLEANSING on vinyl and cd via Redefining Darkness Records (U.S.) and Dying Victims Productions (Europe)! Self-released by the band in 2019, the updated version is going to have a brand new layout, plus two new songs. MATTERHORN‘s sound is beyond sick

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Lebanon Hanover creates the kind of Cold Wave that warms my heart. Both of the vocalists are able to manifest vocal tones that enchant me. In April of last year, they released their album Let Them Be Alien via Fabrika Records. Today we would like to share with you Lebanon Hanover’s

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Last week, we had the pleasure of premiering the Saint Karloff song “At the Mountain of Loudness” off their upcoming split with Devil’s Witches, Coven of the Ultra-Riff. This week, I’m so excited to share another track off the split, this time from Devil’s Witches! “Love is doom, A fistful

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