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VOWWS isn’t a band that allows for a definitive genre: the tracks are industrial and synth-filled, yet with eerie undertones that make the mood foreboding enough to rival the catchier elements. The self-proclaimed “industrial pop” duo, made up of Australia-to-LA transplants Matt and Rizz, release their second full-length, Under the World,

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Check out this new documentary called  Death Row Chronicles that breaks down the demise of one of Hip Hop’s greatest labels. Part 1 focuses on the Boogie Man of the West Coast, Suge Knight. It trips me out watching a film like this, because it brings me back to a certain

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In 1995, slam dancing had morphed into “moshing” and parents everywhere were terrified. Then artists like Marilyn Manson were thrown into the mix, and the media got all up in arms – again – about what kids were doing and listening to in their spare time. Manson and moshing were

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The Prison Industrial Complex is something that truly freaks me out – it is a modern day example of Hell of earth. I am not saying that many people that are behind bars do not deserve it but the majority of them do not deserve solitary confinement. The disturbing documentary

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One of Britian’s greatest musical exports was total nutter but a genius at the same time, and he went by the name of Mark E. Smith. From 1976, he was the leader of The FALL – members might come and go, but he stays the same. He created some of

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The short film More Hate Than Fear is a very intense look at a young UK graffiti writer navigating his way through the first months of his 3½ year prison sentence. This film was written by Molly Manning Walker and directed by Billy Boyd Cape. Prison is another form of living hell,

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