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I will always and forever be an ULTRA HUGE At The Drive In fan!!! I say this because this band’s music means so much to me – they will always inspire me to keep up the good fight! Check out this John Blaze set from Wayne Firehouse, 2000.

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There’s no band quite like UFOMAMMUT. Their performance at NWTF 2018 was one of the most cosmic, engrossing experiences I’ve ever had in music. They’re insurmountably heavy and unbelievably melodic all at the same time, and they can take you out of your body into otherworld realms on the back

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Check out this killer 1990 CHRISTIAN DEATH full set! This video proves why this band’s legacy can’t be touched.

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Slow, low, beautiful… watch Bismuth performing The Slow Dying Of The Great Barrier Reef at Raw Power Festival. This unreal set was captured by our comrade in all things visual and heavy Riff Underground! Label: Dry Cough Records Riff Underground FB Riff Underground Instagram The Slow Dying Of The Great

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One of my all-time favorite early 80’s hardcore bands will always be The Adolescents; these kids made music that was way beyond their years! This group of OC punks articulated the thoughts of our generation like no other band has since. Musically, The Adolescents rewrote what a punk song sounded like

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Check out this sick full set of REPUGNANT from 2003. Happy Monday now let’s headbang!!!

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