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Dani Filth has had a long and storied career, but despite all the controversies Cradle of Filth are in the strongest position they’ve been in years, undergoing a lineup shift that’s re-invigorated their live performance. Just before setting out on an expansive world tour, he took a moment to sit

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Is Superstition’s Surging Throng of Evil’s Might demo the shit? The answer is HELL Fucking YES! Is Superstition a sick band live? The answer is of course they are! So here is the deal – they are performing at two very important fests this year, the first one being Total DEATH

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Are we fans of The Secret? HELL FUCKING YES – without a doubt! They took a little break, but have come back with a scathing sonic war animal named Lux Tenebris out now on Southern Lord! Today we are really honored to share with you this sick live version of

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In recent years there has been a number of bands trying to redefine the boundaries of extreme music. Death metal acts will usually dive more into the orthodoxy of the genre, while hardcore acts usually travel back to the genre’s origin point to find its core aggressive attributes. But then

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I can’t front – before MOTLEY CRÜE came out with Shout at the Devil I hated them! Then they released this album, and loads of punks became fans of their dirty hair metal. In honor of this game-changing metal record, check out this killer MOTLEY CRÜE full set!

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Rock Springs and the Legend of Dax Riggs “Dax used to live here,” people said; or, “My older brother knew him.” I grew up in a small coal mining town in Southwestern Wyoming called Rock Springs. Kids at my junior high used to wear Acid Bath t-shirts and hoodies—the ones

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