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Today we present you the premiere of the new video for ’20th Century Boy’ by Beauty in Chaos feat. Al Jourgensen. As you may expect with any performance by Uncle Al, the performance captured here gives every indication that he’s still a firepot of energy and alternative bliss, supported by

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This film you are about to witness is extremely sensual and powerful. It will also give you a look into the world of BDSM from the perspective of Tessin Doyama and Ryouko Kizuna. Respect due to Alex Dirtyvonp for creating such a spot on visual!    Tessin Doyama and Ryouko Kizuna Bdsm

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Fuck what  you heard and fuck what you know – Joe Cardamone’s  Holy War is one of the most important projects of 2018!  Does it sound sonically hardcore or punk? No, but it has more punk attitude than many bands, plus he experiments with sound which is why I love it so

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Voices have power, and one voice that has the power to change the way I see the world is ROME. Today we celebrate him with this video essay because his voice gives us power to strive to be in tune with our humanity!  

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In this fast moving world that we exist in it’s awesome to hear an artist like Echtra who’s new record Bardo is truly epic! This is not the kind of sonic encounter that you can just skip through because you need to allow yourself to immerse yourself into this sonic offering!

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California’s CASTLE is one of the hardest working bands in the underground and always kicks out the jams non-stop. Unholy awesomeness – their new LP Deal Thy Fate is out now via Ripple Music and it really does ROCK! Today we are super excited to share with you their new

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