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Gorilla Biscuits first show ever, in 1986 at CBGB’s. Now this is NYHC HISTORY!  

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All the Colors of Giallo: Blood, Sex, the Occult, and Heaping Loads of 70’s Weirdness What is a Giallo? Basically, it’s a type of Italian thriller, a movie concerned with crime and violence and, most of all, murder. They were a highly stylistic kind of film that had their heyday

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Last night I watched a very disturbing documentary called Inside incel: Alek Minassian and online misogyny by The Fifth Estate. This film had my blood boiling the whole time, because I can not understand how some men can hate women so much that they would kill a human just for

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The impact that CHRISTIAN DEATH has had on music can’t really be put into words! Check out this rare footage of them performing in 1984.

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LA based darkwavers The Electric West have a brand new music video out for their song “No Dancing” off their recent No Preyers LP, a concept album which was released back in August 2018. This dancey, new wave tinged post-punk single is inspired by the 2004 song “Candy” performed by

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Have you ever seen SEX PRISONER live? I have and they are the fucking BOMB!!! Their most recent show in Tucson at Club Congress was captured on video by Luis Ferre aka xBrohemothx and the footage is off the chain. If you don’t believe me, you can see for yourself, because

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