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One band that has shaped my life is The CULT. Over 35 years they have been a constant in my world in one shape or another! No matter what kind of music I have been into, this band has always created music that has resonated with my reality. I remember

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Unholy awesome fuck, the almighty BEWITCHER is back with a new album entitled Under the Witching Cross and it rocks non-stop! This band lays down riffs that are more brutal than the police, and they create heavy metal anthems for outlaws and misfits. I saw this band perform last year

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The Hyena Men is controversial documentary on many levels! In no way or form we get down with animals being abused, but this is a must see film. I personally learned things about this group of people that I never knew and without this film I would have never learned.

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Remember when rock n’ roll was dangerous? When venues would refuse to book rock bands because of the chaos they would cause? Probably not. I don’t. Well if you’re looking for a band so wild that they’ve been banned from venues and from Norwegian TV, then look no further –

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New York’s finest anarcho-punk outfit, PAWNS, is going all out yet again. On April 17th, Monuments of Faith put out by Near Dark Records, the follow up to the astounding LP on The Gallows, will make its presence known to the disciples of autonomy clamoring at the gates of graffitied

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Twisted minds,  The Taboo, The Unknown, Pushing Sexual Boundaries are the kinds of thoughts that come to my mind when I think about where certain punks went creatively in the mid 80’s. I was a teenager when I realized that the older heads around me were into shit that I just

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