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Los Angeles is many different things to many different people. To some, it’s a place of nothing but fun in the sun. But to others it’s like living in a third world country within a first world country. Gang violence and poverty has touched many lives in the city of

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This is sick: insane footage from YOUNG AND IN THE WAY’s record release show captured by Headfirst Records. After seeing this, you will realize why this band is nothing to fuck with and why When Life Comes To Death is a straight up banger!

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Our comrades in black filth YOUNG AND IN THE WAY have just released a new visual for their scathing track “Final Dose” from their new album When Life Comes To Death out now on Deathwish Inc. All I can say is that this video fits the song perfectly, so I

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I’m not going to even say too much, other than: here is a cult classic movie for Speed Demons. CVLT Nation now showing DEATH RACE 2000 after the jump!

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So Rad, So Intense…INFEST killing shit in D.C. captured by Hate5six! This is just too freaking cool watching the band and crowd interact! Infest (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.

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Triple Crazy, Extremely Sick In the Head and Brutal To The Next Fucking Degree only begins to describe the new PRIMITIVE MAN video for “ANTIETAM” directed by Marcos Morales. These lords of heavy will be touring around the world all summer – peep the dates and visual below! All HAIL

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