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Is there anything better than running with a gang of wild girls? It’s like when I first heard Cherry Bomb or read Foxfire. My boyfriend suddenly seemed so boring. Yeah, hangout in your bedroom and pretend I like your video games. Or smoke cigarettes and burn down houses with my

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What is the most recent piece of vinyl we got that caused a spontaneous dance party in the CVLT Nation HQ? It is Belgrado’s Siglo XXI – every time we put it on our 2 1/2 can not help herself but to get her dance on! Plus, I fucking love

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This is some throw back shit from a present day band! GAG from Olympia, WA are one of my favourite hardcore bands right now. Something about their music is very soulful and honest in a demented, bugged-out sort of way! Well, they performed at TCTV Public Access and gave a

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What band is able to hit me with the downbeat but still make me have visions of sun rays? Uncle Acid And the Deadbeats their brand of cycodelic doom is a sound that I just do not get bored of. I have not seen them live yet so video footage

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Vista Chino is a new band from Los Angeles that plays hard rock in the same vein as their previous incarnation, thee legendary Kyuss. Kyuss existed from the late 1980’s and released some incredibly influential albums that I highly recommend checking out if you haven’t had the chance yet –

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Phil Anselmo doesn’t need an introduction so there isn’t even a point in trying one right now. However, in recent years he’s added more strings to his bow with the establishment of Housecore Records along with his forthcoming solo record. Now teaming up with crime author Corey Mitchell, Anselmo has

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