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Kælan Mikla is an Icelandic band that really knows how to create Post Punk different than any other band doing it right now! Their last album Nótt eftir nótt that is out now Artoffact Records is one of my favorites of last year. Kælan Mikla has given us the honor of sharing

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Adnan Oktar is self-titled Turkish “Islamic creationist,” anti-Darwinist, and so-called religious guru who is currently awaiting trial on a number of criminal charges including but not limited to sexual intercourse with minors, harassment, espionage, perpetrating fraud by exploiting religious feelings and beliefs, kidnapping, and money laundering, although no one knows

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The third iteration of a fest shrouded in shadowy fury is more eclectic than ever. Six years ago in a florescent lit American Legion hall in the rain-soaked, oft-forgot whistle stop of Salem, Oregon, a couple dozen black, doom, death and neo-folk bands converged for two days of unholy sermonic

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80’s Horror Week: Blood, Guts, Boobs, and High Weirdness This past week was the annual “80’s Horror Week” (January 13th-19th) amongst the Instagram community and together, me and my horror friends celebrated films exclusively from the 1980’s. This year I decided to go with films that I loved but haven’t

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HEALTH is a very interesting alternative rock/noise rock band from Los Angeles, which has been exploring the more direct and melodic intersections between electronic and rock music. Since the mid ‘00s this band has been investigating this concept, resulting in a series of intriguing releases. From their indie rock beginnings,

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If you are into punk in Vancouver then there’s no chance you haven’t seen ALIEN BOYS rip up a stage or two! These fine aliens are some of our favorite people making playful dangerous music right now, and not only do they make great tunes, the members are also integral

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