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Desertfest Day Three 2019 Photos and text by Abi Coulson Darktones Photography  SūRYA are another crushing highlight and equally great start to the day after a meagre four hours of sleep. Mostly instrumental and reminiscent of post-metal greats CULT OF LUNA; the heavier parts are more reflective of YEAR OF NO LIGHT

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COLLAPSING SCENERY have a sound that is hard to describe… shoegaze that got drunk and dropped acid is the first descriptor that comes to mind. It’s simultaneously perfectly planned and totally improvised – chaotic sounds that align themselves with one another to create absolute harmony. I don’t know if that

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Rowsdower’s new album The Michael Jordans of Suicide is about to fuck the the Sludge game all the way up! This band’s sound is depraved as fuck, dragging the listener down a groovy, maggot-ridden sinkhole! I can’t get enough of Rowsdower because these motherfuckers have sludge swagger for days. Our

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On a site such as this the band listed above should really need no introduction. But for those who clumsily fell upon this review welcome! This is going to be a long one, so grab a cold one and let’s get to work. Darkthrone are THE quintessential (that’s right I

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WTF – check out 30 minutes of new DEATH GRIPS music!!!

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Who is Kangarot? Your new favorite Industrial // EMB project that you have never heard until now! What is The Demon-Haunted World? It’s the name of their crushing new album that is coming out via Hand Of Death Records on July 12th. We are streaming their song “Xenophobic Scum” below,

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