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The Uniform & The Body collabo record Mental Wounds Not Healing was one of the most intense records of 2019! Check out this rad full set of them performing live that was captured by Max Volume Silence Live. Stay tuned for some very special The Body news we have in the

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NEUROSIS is one of the most powerful bands on the planet. This is a full set of them performing at the 2017 Roskilde Festival. You can see NEUROSIS upcoming tour dates below as well! Neurosis x Converge, Leave Them All Behind 2019 Tour 2/15/2019 E.L.L. – Nagoya, JP 2/16/2019 O-East –

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11PARANOIAS – what kind of mental journey do you want the listener to embark on as they blast your new record Asterismal? A: Once upon a time there were three black stars (astral projections) and they thrived in perpetual all-encompassing and living darkness. One day one of the dark stars (bright sparks) began

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Are you ready for an urgent jam that will get all up in your brain and will live for rent free? Check out this new POV Quin Galavis video for the tune – Burn the Room. His new album Victim / Non-Victim, Pt. 1 will be available on LP, CD and digital

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This month, CARRION MOTHER drop their new album Nothing Remains via Ordo MCM. To say that this band impresses me would not do my thoughts justice, because I know that this band is the shit! Their songs are HUGE sonic surges of molten fury that will burn themselves into your

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2009 was kind of a huge and crazy year for music. People tend to laugh when I say that but I’m 100% serious (Wikipedia has a pretty comprehensive list of all releases and it’s a fun scroll. It misses smaller releases obviously, but paired with some year end lists you

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