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One second you think you’re all cool and shit, and think you know what HEAVY is, then you listen to THIS and you realize instead what a tiny insignificant insect you are, and how in reality you don’t know shit about what brutal means. You listen to Grave Ekstasis, the debut

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The news that legendary bands Sunn O))) and Ulver had recorded music together was met with much delight and intrigue. What would it sound like? Who would it sound like? Would it be loud and disturbing or delicate and pretty? The answers are not as simple as the questions as

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This might my be the sickest video you see this month. CHELSEA WOLFE has released a new visual for “Feral Love” from her album Pain Is Beauty. The moving and intense visual was directed by Mark Pellington and produced by Cathy Pellow and Sargent House…This video is an excerpt from

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The title of opening track “Damnum Minatum” refers to a legal term, used by inquisitors in the late Middle Ages, which describes a coincidental mishap or accident held as “evidence” that a person suspected of witchcraft had used magic to inflict harm. The five-minute aural assault from L.A.’s Deathstench explodes

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Less than two years ago, a bomb was dropped that decimated the world of avant-garde extreme metal. Greece’s Hail Spirit Noir debuted with Pneuma, a fusion unlike anything previously heard and a true gem in the current landscape of bedroom dwellers and post-everything noodlings. 70s prog and heavy psychedelia were

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A while back we talked about LAMENT CITYSCAPE, one of the bands led by Bay Area musician Mike McClatchey, and of how crushing and devastating this sludge-doom band is (read abut Mike, his bandmates and his various projects here). Well, the Oakland dudes have just released another EP on their Bandcamp page, and sure

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