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Deranged dutch raw death metal experimentalists Cryptae are a band like none other, and now this simple fact is becoming more and more apparent and turning into a harrowing new reality. Their 2017 debut demo tape from Sentient Ruin had already hinted at the fact that these two freaks belong

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The paragons of the void have returned after a deafening silence left in the wake of their last dissonant twilight anthem, bringing with them new hymns of supreme darkness to awaken the remnants of the elder gods inside of our souls. After 4 years Abyssal reappears to demonstrate how they

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SLAUGHTBBATH is a band that can not be fucked with when it comes to bringing the twisted mind of insanity to the underground! Has this band ever pandered to the weak? The answer is no! With each release SLAUGHTBBATH have struck a death blow to the hearts of all posers

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Alcoholocaust’s Necro Apocalipse Bestial is a raging sonic animal that can not be tamed! Their riffs have been dipped in the blood of the unholy, and they rage harder than a Blood and Crip gang fight! Today CVLT Nation is premiering their new song “Blasfémia Total,” and you better get

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Test still goes on testing new ways of exploring extreme music. On their new album called ‘Jogo Humano’ (Human Game, in a free translation) the experimental grind duo grouped 54 songs that works in no particular order. Each one of them is titled with a word. You can combine them to compose a sentence that in the end could be the name of a song. Better: it’s a music made with the song pieces Test gave to you!

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Sempiternal Dusk’s new album Cenotaph of Defectuous Creation is a Death Doom Monster that is going to destroy the underground! The thick, hate-filled riffs you are going to encounter on this record are next level fucked up! I have been a fan of this band for a while and this

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