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Leave it to our comrades over at Caligari Records to release those underground gems that keep us coming back for more! Their newest signing is DEVILSPIT, whose new tape Grim, Hateful and Drunk will intoxicate you. So what are you in store for? Nine songs of ugly, rocking punk with

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Death – the callous inevitability that hangs over us all, loitering patiently as seven billion clocks tick away their simultaneous countdown towards one of the few true certainties that life has to offer. As the natural world embraces our inescapable journey into the realms of the exsanguinous unknown, one thing

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Well hot damn, this one was an unexpected mind fuck of an album to write about it. Based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Lamentations Of The Ashen is a solo project headed by Bon Vincent Fry. His newest creation entitled Libertine Cyst is essentially a massive head trip down the

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Welp, it’s that time of the year again; that time in which we announce to you that the raddest DIY, no bullshit, 100% independent metal and punk fest of the year is happening again. And of course, once again, DEAFEST is packed to the fucking roof with a TON of

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Crowhurst is the very portrait of an underground band on the verge of exploding to the forefront of extreme metal. Initially dabbling in harsh noise and minimalistic, blackened soundscapes (as described by frontman Jay Gambit, the band was initially more of a collaborative noise project that occasionally released solo records),

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From far beyond the blackness of space (which is really just Germany), Ascension have returned after a five year absence to unleash their newest release entitled The Dead of The World. Brought forth to this plane of existence by peddlers of death and record label known as Season of Mist, this seven

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