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You are about to hear two amazing punk-infused slices of black metal that have been created by Slægt. Their new album Ildsvanger is out now via Final Agony Records & Posh Isolation. CVLT Nation has been given the honor of streaming two tracks, “Ildsvanger” & “Udlængsel” below…If you like your

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Hailing from Sweden, Offerstigen are unleashing their debut album, Drankt/Genomsyrad, making it their third overall release. The duo started things off with their EP, Regndolk, and then followed that with their rehearsal demo, Solens Inalvor, both of which were released in 2014. Offerstigen is taking parts of funeral doom and

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Collaborative works can either be a complete misfire or work against all odds, despite the stylistic differences between the artists (see last year’s Scott Walker and Sunn O))) effort, Soused). Here we have Finland’s Haapoja and Greece’s Dephosphorus together on what the promo touts as a collaboration, both in function

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Speed, Filth, Sonic Disease, Impure Thoughts of Homicide, Destruction of Everything Around Us, No Hope, Heavy Music With No Laws…These the things you are about to come in contact with in the form of the new Jesus Fucking Wept Vol. 1 LP that is coming out soon via Blastbeat Mailmurder.

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Holy smokes, Satan! Mannveira just got played five times on repeat while I swivel on my chair at Al Necro HQ multi-tasking with great difficulty. The reason being that the music on Mannveira’s Von Er Eitur is absolutely spellbinding. I’m having to follow the rung notes to the speakers that give them life in my home office, and I have to say that I really missed out on this band writing my 2014 End of Year List.

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The last of the cluster of Prison Tatt releases up for review, Malkuth’s Tamahprabha, is raw black metal poison for the ears of the uninitiated. Savage and primitive, Tamahprabha starts things off at a blistering pace, transitioning riffs with the use of tempos that vary to keep things fresh.

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