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My brain is being pulled in a 1,000 demonic directions by the power of the new IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT! Their album is entitled Abyssal Gods and was released on Feb. 27th via code666. This band’s music is an abstract portal into an ugly sonic reality, where Sun Ra is a black

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Noothgrush is the best Sludge Band in America. They have been crushing eardrums for over 2 decades. The story of the formation and the progression of Noothgrush is miserably wonderful after all. Tom Choi was one of the first members to be involved in the band, at the same time

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London’s Voices have been on the underground radar for quite some time, awaiting the right moment for their brand of blackened, progressive death metal to push through the darkness and into the consciousness of their public. Their musical landscape is dark, filthy and at times challenging, and they speak of

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In an age of constant experimentation, innovation and boundary-pushing, modern black metal has grown increasingly estranged from its frosty, dour-faced Norwegian roots. The popularity of the ‘post’-black metal movement – spearheaded by spring chickens like Alcest and Altar of Plagues – has many black metal fans staunchly looking forward for

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Caïna’s Setter of Unseen Snares is difficult to describe. It has a myriad of elements, not altogether within the larger sub-genre of metal – also boasting punk, post-metal and ambient music besides their largely evolved black metal style. They also feature slow jams that aren’t really riff-based. There are rung

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Our friends at Season of Mist have put together an awesome black metal prize pack and they want to give it to one lucky CVLT Nation reader! One of you will win CD versions of Rage Nucleaire – Black Storm of Violence, Tsjuder – Legion Helvete and Funeral Mist –

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