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Well, shit then. THIS is happening soon. Two of the best “rabid” black metal/punk bands around these days – Oakland’s AKATHARSIA (current and past member of Fell Voices, Negative Standards, Lycus, Boar Worship etc.) and Portland’s URZEIT (past and present members of Hell, Ash Borer, Triumvir Foul, Cerebrate, Triumvir Foul, Servile

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If you ever wondered what Negative Plane would sound like with a little occult rock slant on their vocals and a touch of goth at the edges, then Occultation will tick all those boxes for you. While that’s a very basic premise, and one that only just grazes the periphery

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Resting on my shelf for some 10 years now still is my copy of Blut Aus Nord‘s majestic sophomore effort Memoria Vetusta I: Fathers of the Icy Age; an album that would forever change the course and trajectory of my listening habits with its cold atmospheres, soul-stirring riffs, synth and

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We recently caught up with Carl Snyder of  the San Antonio based black thrashers Hod to discuss the creation of their newest slab of infectious vertebrae-crunching metal The Book of the Worm, along with the current state of black metal and the Texas metal scene. What stands out about Book

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AAAAARRGGHH! Necroholocaust scorch the surface of the earth and civilization with it with their debut full-length, Holocaustic Goat Metal. Add the Chris Moyen artwork (I believe it’s him. Correct me if I’m wrong), and every pop music fan dancing to Pharrell’s “Happy” song will stop stone-cold and start running for

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This Virginia band released their album Hidden Manna back in May, and the big question is, why hasn’t it generated more of a buzz in the underground circles? The crisp production might turn off some purists. Salvaticus make the most of the four songs on this EP.  ”Breeding Ground” doesn’t

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