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Woah. Blackened death metal act Apollyon just dropped the first single “Past the Reaches of the Sun” from their upcoming album ‘False Light’ and it’s a banger. Produced by Matt Roach of Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, BC, ‘False Light’ blends the atmosphere and melodic sensibilities of Wolves in the Throne

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With the world full of Black Metal bands who keep themselves barricaded in the four-walled confinement of “pure” asthetics, it’s refreshing and inspiring to see a band that not only embodies the pulverizing aggression and epic composition style that makes Black Metal so distinctive, but does so without falling into

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Anyone who appreciates some raw, scathing black metal is going to fiend for the new release from Necandi Homines. Third I Rex and Toten Schwan will be unleashing their LP Black Hole on September 30th, and today we’re stoked to be sharing it in full below. Pre-order Black Hole right here, and right now

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Are you fucking ready for some RIFF RAGE? If you are, then you will fiend for the new release from BONEHUNTER. Hells Headbangers will be unleashing their new LP Children of the Atom on September 28, 2018, and today we’re in full head banging attack mode because we are sharing their LP in full

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Do you appreciate some Majestic Blackened Melancholy Rage? Then you will  go ape shit for the new release from Iskandr. Eisenwald will be unleashing their new LP Euprosopon on 12 October 2018, and today we’re truly beyond stoked to be sharing this insanely moving record in full below. Pre-order Euprosopon right here, and right now you

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Anyone who appreciates some FUCK THE WORLD Black Metal is going to lose their shit for the new release from BLACK FUNERAL! Iron Bonehead Productions unleashed their new LP The Dust and Darkness on Sept. 5th, and today we are stoked to be sharing The Dust and Darkness in full below. Hit play

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