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Do you know what pure pain sounds like – the grinding of cartilage and crushing of bones, the gushing of blood and tearing of flesh? I do, because I’m listening to the new split from EGGS OF GOMORRH and SARINVOMIT – and if this music suddenly materialized into solid form

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Mattias Muller (aka Bestial Devotion) is primarily known as the drummer of black metal fiends Negative Plane. But on the side, Muller is also active with his solo project Funereal Presence, through which he has released a self-titled EP and a debut full-length in The Archer Takes Aim. While Negative

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ROADBURN FESTIVAL 11th – 14th April 2019 Tilburg, Netherlands DAY 2 – FRIDAY By Kris T. Therrian  Facebook Instagram April in Tilburg can be just about anything weather-wise. Last year, we were melting away and purchasing emergency summer clothes downtown cos nothing could’ve prepared us for the heatwave. This year… It

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“Being a woman means facing what people expect you to be, pointing at your age or the way you live your life. Sometimes, I feel the need to hide, gather my energies, and put them into something that works as an outlet. That’s why Marthe saw the light”. Marzia is

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Swiss black metal legion KVELGEYST (of the Helvetic Underground Committee) prepare the battleground for the June 12 release of their debut album Alkahest and today we’re honored to bring you an excerpt of work in the form of “Demiurg – Denaturierung Holobiont”, a spiraling and winding descent into arcane black

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Text and Photos: Charles Nickles I’m not hungover which is something of a surprise considering I thought I tried all the beers. The dudes from Decibel seem surprised too. That’s cool. Turns out I have a whole lot more drinking to do and really didn’t take as good care to expound

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