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You fools cannot possibly be ready for the newest offering from Philadelphia metalpunk overlords, DEVIL MASTER. Even if you foolheartedly believe in yourself, this record will sink its claws into you and drag you down into the arcane depths of the beyond. The riffs are hypnotic, the drums are crushing,

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It was the beginning of 2014 when The Haunting Green stepped on tiptoe into the music scene with few copies of their self-titled debut EP. The handcrafted, silk-screened artwork displayed a girl falling down into unknown water depths: a graceful, dreamy drowning. The music itself was kind of a graceful

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I’m tired of existence itself and everything it has to offer! These words are playing over and over again as I listen to the new tape by Vakaren, Æternum, that will be coming out on Les Fleurs du Mal. This collection of songs is a grim reminder that we exist

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Vanum is the creation of Kyle Morgan, and Mike Rekevics two heroes in the underground metal scene. Their vision for this project being a back to basics approach to black metal. “Ageless Fire” is their follow up to their debut album “Realm of sacrifice” and continues to follow their formula

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Unholy hell – are you ready for REAPER’s new demo Ravenous Storm of Piss? This 3-song whirlwind of metal madness fucking kick ass. The riffs that you will encounter on this demo will take you back to the first time you heard Bathory. Much respect due to Iron Bonehead Productions

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San Francisco’s Pandiscordian Necrogenesis is some raw black metal mindfuckery to behold. Mastermined by Ephemeral Domignostika of Mastery, Apprentice Destroyer, and Pale Chalice fame, this new-ish solo endeavor of his is a synapse-destroying exercise in extreme metal deconstruction and sonic annihilation that has few equals in the underground these days.

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