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Edmonton, Canada’s Rites Of Thy Degringolade, active since 1997 no less, are another band that I discovered only recently upon causally stumbling upon their recent live reappearances (2016 California Deathfest first, last year’s Covenant Festival again), and if I’m here writing about them and their new album today, you may have

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Gold Standard? Well.  Where do I start? It took one listen for me to realise what I’d got my grubby hands on, an album that would hijack my music-listening side of life. Not only for the past few weeks, but for a good while yet.  Tomb Mold are back and

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Hailing from France, Autokrator are by far one of my current favorites and best kept secrets in the Black/Death underground, and thankfully for myself and others like me, they don’t keep us waiting for long between releases, as they just notched their third album in as many years with Hammer

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Right now I feel sick in the fucking head! Right now I feel a sonic storm of putrid riffs attacking my whole being! Nothing is wrong with me – I’m just under the fucked up spell of Crurifragium’s Black Seed of Bestiality LP. It’s the reworking of their now classic 2015

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Ritual Necromancy shouldn’t be an unknown entity to many CVLT Nation readers. The band has been a strong entity signed to esteemed underground metal label, Dark Descent Records, and their brand of dark death metal/blackened death metal is as alluring as it is punishing to listen to. Their latest care of Dark

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Today we’re lucky to be bringing you a crushing death metal release from Art As Catharsis: the new album from New Zealand’s BRIDGE BURNER entitled Null Apostle. Depending on your mood, this album will either have you bouncing off the walls or punching through them, but either way there’s no

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