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We recently caught up with Carl Snyder of  the San Antonio based black thrashers Hod to discuss the creation of their newest slab of infectious vertebrae-crunching metal The Book of the Worm, along with the current state of black metal and the Texas metal scene. What stands out about Book

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Let’s face it. Bandcamp, Soundcloud, DIY digital distribution tools, affordable and user-friendly home recording software, blogs, file-sharing, affordable digital PR and all these new and often free media technologies at the disposal of bands and musicians have made making and releasing music almost laughably easy in present times. It is

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Phobocosm – Deprived (Dark Descent Records) It’s comfortable for a writer to lean on convention sometimes; but sometimes, convention gets co-opted because the band actually does stuff you don’t necessarily expect, like write riffs worth commenting on. I haven’t wanted to apply the term “catchy” to a “darkened death metal”

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 INTERNAL BLEEDING are getting ready to unleash a new full-length of annihilating death metal on the world in the form of Imperium via Unique Leader Records, and we’re stoked to be streaming a track off this unrelenting album, “Placate the Ancients”! You can pre-order Imperium here (CD) or here (vinyl). Hit play below and

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Label: Invictus Productions From Finland emerges 80’s German thrash retro black death metal occultists/artists Obscure Burial and their earthquake-inducing 2014 release, Epiphany. Everyone’s guilty of having gushed over a lesser band while in a good mood every so often, but Obscure Burial’s latest is sure to bring a smile on

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Dipping into the review bag for the next promo brings forth Hell’s Headbangers Records’ Abysmal Lord and their 12” MLP, Storms of Unholy Black Mass. Anyone familiar with HHR, will find Abysmal Lord quite fitting for the label, as Storms of Unholy Black Mass presents a whirlwind bestial black/death metal

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