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For their whole existence as a band, Ancestors had this uncanny ability of mixing up their heavy foundations, split between doom metal and stoner rock, with the progressive rock spirit of the ’70s and the psychedelic aura of the late ’60s. Their earlier work, Neptune With Fire and Of Sound

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The French Riff Dealers known as WITCHTHROAT SERPENT have prepared a new offering to the serpent gods in the form of a sexy new record entitled Swallow the Venom. You already know we’ve been championing this band for a while, and this new LP takes us to higher levels of blues-infused

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Anyone who appreciates some Feedback Drenched Rock n Roll is going to fiend for the new release from Satan’s Satyrs. Bad Omen and RidingEasy Records will be unleashing their new LP The Lucky Ones on October 2018, and today we’re stoked to be sharing their title track below. Pre-order The

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Have you ever felt the FUZZ? I have every time I have seen MONOLORD live! This band is next level in person and here is your chance to peep their most recent show at St. Vitus that was captured by Max Volume Silence Live.

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Midnite Communion and CVLT Nation are bringing one of the HEAVIEST TOURS this year, featuring DARK CASTLE, CULT OF OCCULT and CLOVEN. This tour starts on November 13th in Seattle, with the final date in L.A. for the Midnite Communion V gathering, a night of utter destruction featuring Bongzilla, BONGRIPPER, DARK CASTLE, Cult of Occult, ILSA, Fister, Future

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Deimos Sanktuarium is the 5th release from the Swedish death metal band. Before you make any assumptions just know that Vanhelgd are NOT a “true” Swedish death metal band like Entombed or At The Gates. Instead of being another copy of these popular melodic death metal bands Vanhelgd over their

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