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Withered and Wake have been on a month-long tour of the US and Canada and their latest stop saw them at The Earl in East Atlanta Village. Being the last show of this run for the hometown blackened-death act Withered, I made my to The Earl to witness the mayhem

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All out total War! All out total Destruction! All out total Grindcore! This is what you are going to get when blasting the new SCUMWORM s/t EP! I really dig how under all of their rage, this band has deep caves of melodic sludge for the listener to dive into. I

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I’m going to wax affectionate here for a second; Of Feather and Bone is fucking amazing. Nary a release of theirs has passed my desk that I’ve not beaten to death with repeat listens. Their previous material straddled and blurred the lines between grindcore, crust and death metal, with only

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In certain circles, FULL OF HELL needs no introduction. This young band has made a name for themselves in a short amount of time, racking up a prolific touring and release history while exploring a gamut of sounds within the spectrum of extreme and avante garde music. Formed in 2009,

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German one-man bestial war metal abomination CULT OF EXTINCTION have created a pestilent and apocalyptically fucking DECIMATING debut release like none other. Black Nuclear Magick Attack is hideous error of creation spawned from a place of utter wretchedness and spite. It is the sound of one man going over the edge,

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In Italy, not many bands play grindcore like Jesus Ain’t in Poland. They are super-fast, extremely aggressive and heavy. The band started out playing punk-based grindcore on their first EP, Holobscene (2008), and then they shifted to a more death metal-influenced style on their second album, Freiheit macht frei (2012). Now,

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