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       All photos and text by Abi Coulson                                        Dreadfest Day Two After a chaotic Friday pin-balling all over the place Saturday was an even more intense affair and so memories

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Check out this gem of full set from BORN AGAINST! This video shows us how the 90’s got down!

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Guilt Parade is the motherfucking jam and on their new 7 inch entitled Guilted Palace of Sin they punch oppression in the grill.  This band straight puts a battery in my back and I can not help but feel their passion. Guilt Parade’s songs are anthems that make you say

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If I could, I would be going to one of the sickest hardcore fests on the East Coast that is taking place next week called Damaged City 2019. Peep this killer playlist that Chris from the fest put together for your Hardcore enjoyment! Here are some songs by some bands

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As I write this, spring is upon us. Hurtling ever closer to the unforgiving fires of summer, Profound Lore Records is set to unleash “Lament”, the debut LP from the frostbitten, blackened Hardcore mob Totaled. Content with beckoning oblivion as opposed to thaw, this is an unforgiving and harrowing statement

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Text by Spyros and Photos by Abi Ghoulson This tour could not be more timely. Endon recently released the successor to the seminal Through The Mirror, taking an old-school punk detour with Boy Meets Girl. Baptists cemented their name in the current punk/crust pantheon with Beacon Of Faith, while Sumac

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