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It’s hard to imagine UKHC without the internet. To be fair, it’s hard to imagine anything without the internet anymore. Underground movements, in particular, though, thrive on its members ability to communicate. Remove Bandcamp, Twitter, forums, message boards, Facebook and MySpace and one begins to wonder just how the hell

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Metal and hardcore in Ireland rarely goes 12 months without releasing at least a couple of impressive records, and 2014 was no different, from new bands (Vircolac being the most recent) through to the old guard. Perhaps what is most interesting about several Irish records released this year, and the

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UK outfit DiE are literally no bullshit. This is a band of punks playing stripped-back hardcore in its finest form.  Kicking off in Brighton a few years ago with core members operating under the VEXED moniker, a parting of ways and a few new connections saw the rise of DiE

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Here we have it. Finally, the long awaited, highly anticipated fourth full-length from NJHC veterans The Banner. After six years, a brief break-up, line up changes and a satiating cassette, Greying is here, and it’s all that it was cracked up to be. The Banner has been a constant touchstone

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“Nesseria makes me feel like I’m listening to a tone down version of Full of Hell, because I’m so overwhelmed with noises and abrasive guitars, and it just makes me lose my mind”. Four years after their first LP and self-titled album Nesseria is back with Fractures, a frankly interesting

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Straight from the slums of Essex come Turbochong and their utterly obnoxious debut EP Disrespectful, which is so perfectly named it’s ridiculous. Knowing that this band features various limbs, brains and vocal chords from the incestuous gene pool that has spawned Cease To Exist, Unloved and Cthulhu Youth and that

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