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Right here and now, I am saying that the THEORIES album Vessel, out now on Corpse Flower Records, just might be the grindcore LP of 2019! Feel free to tell me I am wrong, but the fact is I just might not believe you! DYLAN DECARLO had this to say about this sonic

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While finding music for our monthly radio DARK WAVES Radio, I found a band from Sweden called Isolated Youth. I was instantly drawn to their unique brand of post punk. Their EP Warfare is out now on Fabrika Records, and it is one of my favorite releases this year for sure –

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Show Me The Body is one of most important bands creating music right now because they are not bound by any sort of sound. Their new record Dog Whistle (out now on Loma Vista Recordings) is an URGENT album that will have you hooked after just one listen! I can’t

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Both hate and love make you stronger. I love my haters, because they make me go harder. Actually, I enjoy knowing that one day they are going to suffocate in my happiness! It’s time for you to get turned on to the subversive pop sounds of Unknown Nobodies and their

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What kind of Black Metal do we love over here at CVLT Nation? We like the kind of Black Metal that is fucking RAW and gives you the strength to slap the taste out of overseers’ mouths! WITCHES BREW new self-titled tape is so fucking good I can’t stop listening

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On Friday May 10 2019 a synapse-consuming aural pandemonium will be unleashed as Galician black/death metal destroyers SUSPIRAL unleash “Chasm”, their anticipated sophomore full-length album coming on Sentient Ruin (US) and Clavis Secretorum (EU), after their debut album “Delve into the Mysteries of Transcendence” was released back in 2016 by I,

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