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What do we have here? The brand new 2015 Unholy Anarchy Records comp and the cost is name your price! Download now and get over 70 minutes of sonic destruction. Read the track listing below to see all of the genres that are represented on the comp. CVLT Nation salutes

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Gotta tell ya: Al Necro wasn’t a huge fan of modern death metal when it exploded in the early years of the new millennium, but can appreciate some noteworthy technical death metal bands that released albums during that time. I much prefer the roots of technical death metal in the

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King Dude is about to embark on his first solo tour in four years across the European continent, and so we have something special for his London-based fans to celebrate! We’ve teamed up with Old Empire and You’re Not Human to give away a pair of tickets to his show

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STRANGEWEATHER’s self-tilted album that is coming out on 1859 records is PERFECT! How would I describe their sound? They sound like no other band, and create the kind of songs that are meant to wake up humanity. When I hear this band, I think to myself, if the world was

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Halshug, hailing from Copenhagen, play their D-beat straightforward, traditionally and proudly. Their debut full-length, Blodets Bånd, sits somewhere between the territories carved out by Discharge and Hoax, respectively, with their fuzzed out energy cutting its way throughout the collection’s eight tracks. Apt, considering their moniker means “to decapitate.” Their D-beat

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TRAP THEM is the shit, and I can’t front – I fucking love this band! Watch them live is a whole other level of visual electricity! Peep this 2011 TRAP THEM full set captured by Hate5six…Be warned: watching this video might cause you to punch holes in your walls! DW

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