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Black goats and bleating Baphomets! What is this insanely heavy blackened fucking death cvlt music? Pneuma Hagion have crucified me with their sterling Trinity I release, upside down no less. Better get Al Necro a vomit bag and a Praetorian guard with a spear, because I’m surely going down into the depths listening to this. And I may not come back in a while.

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The music of Abstracter always seems to have an underlying melancholic tone, which is mainly derived from their use of ambiance. In tracks such as “Open Veins,” this aspect of the band becomes instantly apparent, without meaning that melancholy is the only weapon in their arsenal. The manner in which they build up anticipation with the creeping start of “Lightless,” and the more unearthly perspective of Abstracter in songs such as “Cruciform,” reveals the depth to which this act can travel in terms of sonic versatility.

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One of my favorite bands of all time working their magic in 1984…The Cocteau Twins are dreams, magic, earth and sun all rolled into one…Nuff Said!

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Scar Sighted is a gem in this 2015 that has just started for two reasons mainly: one, you will not hear a metal album quite like this all year, not only for this year actually, but likely for years to come; and two, with Scar Sighted, Leviathan is FUCKING BACK, back to their most disgusting and geniously appalling craft, the one we had loved so much up until the all time masterpiece Massive Conspiracy Against All Life came to life back in 2008.

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In perhaps one of my all time favorite quotes, Friedrich Nietzsche famously wrote that “he who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.” Open to interpretation according to ones philosophical leanings and situation, those two lines have stuck with me over the years and have been applied to various personal situations.

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Here’s an icy dose of Swedish post-punk for the winter ahead. Hemgraven open up Sanddyner Av Glas with a Samhain-like punch, but once you dig further into it, more layers are uncovered beneath the snow-clad delivery. A bizarre, almost dance-able Gang of Four meets The Swing-era Inxs groove takes hold of the album.

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